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TOKINA 400mm SZX F8 MF Nikon

Part Number TN400Z
Availability Available
Warranty 12m
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Product Description
The Tokina SZX SUPER TELE 400mm F8 Reflex MF is a 400mm super-tele manual focus lens that adopts catadioptric type optical design with a constant F8 aperture. The lens is a compact and very lightweight alternative to standard telephoto lenses as more and more photographers are looking for easy-to-carry gear. It can focus as close as 1.15m (45") and has a magnification of 0.4x. It attaches to Canon EF, Sony E, Nikon F, Micro Four Thirds and T-mount bodies via included adapters.
Lens type Prime lens
Focal length 400 mm
Image stab. No
Lens mount Canon EF, Micro Four Thirds, Nikon F (FX), Sony FE
Max aperture F8
Min aperture F8
Min focus 1.15 m (45.28)
Max magnification 0.4×
Weight 355 g (0.78 lb)
Length 77 mm (3.03)