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Part Number NLFK-1
Availability Available
Warranty 12m
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Product Description
Product Highlights
- Cleans Most Camera Filters
- Round and Flat Cleaning Tip
- Non-Liquid Cleaning Compound
- Retractable Brush for Dust Removal
- Safe to Use and Environmentally Friendly
The Lenspen FilterKlear Filter Cleaner is designed to clean filters for digital cameras, video cameras, and more. Its round and flat cleaning tip is infused with Lenspen's non-liquid, carbon cleaning compound, which can't spill or dry out. The cap recharges the tip with fresh cleaning compound each time its put back on. 
Like the original LensPen, it also features a retractable dust-removal brush. At only 4.3" (11cm) in length, the FilterKlear easily fits in your pocket or camera bag. 
According to Lenspen, you should not use FilterKlear on wet or plastic surfaces, or on polarizing filters.
- Designed for cleaning camera filters
- Fits in your pocket or in a camera bag
- A retractable dust-removal brush is built in
- Carbon cleaning compound removes fingerprints
- Safe and easy to use and friendly to the environment