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Part Number SK-MHF03
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Warranty 12m
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Product Description
Motorized Follow Focus SK-MHF03
- Size: 60cm * 23cm * 14.5cm
- Product weight: 3.35 KG
- Comfortable shoulder pad
- Movable and height-adjustable base plate
- 2 sets of motorized zoom and focus operation system
- Movable and interchangeable motors
- With motorized zoom and focus operation system on the hand grips for easy control
- Adjustable speed for zoom and focus controlling
Sevenoak SK-MHF03 is a motorized follow focus that allows filmmakers to pull focus and steady the camera on the move, and makes it easier to achieve high-quality production value on a shoestring budget. With movable and height-adjustable base plate, SK-MHF03 allows you to switch from different cameras without breaking down the whole system. Built with two sets of operation system, SK-MHF03 makes it easy to control the zoom and focus whether it is mounted on a tripod or on your shoulder. And its two motors on both sides of the rails are movable and interchangeable.